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An Introduction to the World of BWD

“I know one thing, and that is I know nothing.”

Philosophy cannot possibly be summed up in a concise set of words, it branches from concept to concept, challenging the known while voyaging into a sea of unknown,

Questioning our fundamentals while attempting to make sense of that around us.

The realm of philosophy can be divided into various categories ranging from Epistemology (the philosophy of knowing) to Metaphysics (the philosophy of existence) and carries on to question every branch of human nature.

As a reader who has not really delved into or been interested in philosophy, the concept can seem incredibly dull, believe me, I know the feeling. Prior to my journey into philosophy, I was not at all connected to the subject, till one evening, while on a school trip with some of my friends we were asked to undertake a compulsory reflection. We began by asking ourselves, “What do we want to be? ”From one digression to another we found ourselves asking, “How do we even know we exist?” The questions raised changed the way I viewed the world as I asked myself what it meant to exist, what does it mean to be a human, why do I specifically exist? As I returned to my daily life, these questions did not stop lingering in my mind which led to my initial journey into the basics of philosophy.

Now as a teenager I am often asked, “Why Philosophy?” The truth is philosophy pieces together the puzzle of existence and as a teen who often gets caught up stressing over what seems like the most trivial of issues, it helps contextualize my problems and seems to remind me that there is so much out there. It also offers different mindsets that prepare us to be the best possible version of ourselves. If the concept appeals to you, please join our exploration into philosophy with But We Digress.

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