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Discussing deeper philosophical issues to give more meaning to life and to have a wider perspective on everyday problems

Our Story

My name is Arjun Sahney. I currently live in Hong Kong and attend an International School.

Having spent my whole life in a competitive schooling environment, naturally, I have encountered various levels of stress and anxiety catalyzed by academics or my social life. Last year on a school trip, I was introduced to a segment of Philosophy that interested me and somehow helped alleviate stress. Since then, I have spent a considerable amount of time researching methods of stress alleviation with NGOs and psychologists with the aim of developing an organization that effectively equips students in Hong Kong with the tools necessary to combat feelings of stress and anxiety. One of my most notable findings during the research aspect of the project was that a cathartic approach to stress alleviation through discussing the bigger issues in life is extremely effective especially within the demographic of teenagers between the ages of 13-18.

With this knowledge, I decided to create an organization titled “But We Digress…” which aims to alleviate stress through three primary means:


Online articles further explaining philosophical theories and ways in which they can be applied to one’s daily life.


Youtube videos analyzing philosophical theories and their application to our lives


Discussion groups where philosophical ideas are discussed and made accessible..